Zum Achter
Neuenheimer Landstrasse 3a
69120 Heidelberg

The bus stop right in front of the location:
Neuenheim Bergstraße, Heidelberg ~ line 34 ~
Direction Heiligenkreuzsteinach 

Public transport: rnv.de

Rental bicycle station near by:
Neuenheim-Neckarwiese: nextbike.de

Parking close by?

P 16 (Nordbrückenkopf), Uferstasse, 69120 Heidelberg

Here you can find an overview

First and foremost I would like to recommend you the restaurant in our workshop & teadance location.

"Zum Achter" serves delicious German cuisine at good prices.

Else, Heidelberg offers everything what you could imagine about national and international food.

Have fun discovering.

Why not take some more time and explore my beautiful town? Before, or after the TeaDance, Workshop? There are so many things to see in Heidelberg...

Heidelberg website: https://www.heidelberg.de/

Take more than 300 steps up to the castle: https://www.schloss-heidelberg.de

Or climb up the "Schlangenpfad" to the "Philosophenweg" and spot the castle from the other side of the Neckar river.

Stop by in one of your lovely Cafes, Restaurants, or just walk through the picturesque Altstadt.