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The upcoming Swing TeaDance is for all Swing Dancers. See you on Sunday, December 11th from 14:00 to 17:00. More information here

Please have a valid negative Covid test with you, at all dance events...

…. we won't dance with masks on, but of course you can wear a mask, in case you feel safer with it

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The next workshops are already planned...

Saturday & Sunday

February '23


Planned: will be announced


Will be announced before the registration opens

You don't know yet, why you should learn Balboa? That's easy: BALBOA IS soooo COOL...

How it all started:

15. April 2018

Heidelberg finally needs Balboa!

That's why I started Heidel-Bal back in April 2018.  It gives you the chance to learn Balboa in tiny quarterly workshops. The idea is to establish a Balboa scene in Heidelberg. So I don't have to say "I'm the Balboa scene of Heidelberg". when travelling.

Regina – Bal the night away