Planned Heidel-Bal Workshop: 13. & 14. February 2021

2 x 2hrs Saturday & 1x 2hrs Sunday & 1x 3hrs Teadance Sunday

Location: Zum Achter, Neuenheimer Landstrasse 3A, 69120 Heidelberg

The registration opens on 05. January 2021

 Level2: Starter+: 

You've already learned moves like Toss-Out, Lollies and Out and Ins, or you've participated in a Heidel-Bal up to Level2

Level3: Plus:

You have been dancing for a longer time, every now and then Balboa, or you have participated in a Heidel-Bal up to Level3.

Block1: Sa 12:30-14:30

to be announced

Block2: Sa 15:00 - 17:00

To be announced

Block3: Su 12:30-14:30 

To be announced

For this time, I've invited:

Isabelle Jeschke & Eran Tobi (Germany)


Classes will be held in German & English 

More info soon

   For all: Sunday 14. February 2021
15:00 - 18:00 Balboa Teadance

 Motto: sky blue

Guests are all welcome


6hrs classes = €96 (3 blocks)
4hrs classes = 64€ (2 blocks)
2hrs classes = 32€ (1 block)


Sunday: 6,50€ that I can say in the future:

"The Balboa scene in Heidelberg?"

"Is great!"

 Regina - bal the night away

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