Heidel-Bal Workshop: 07. & 08. October 2023

2 x 2hrs Saturday 1x 2hrs Sunday 1x 3hrs TeaDance Sunday

Location: Zum Achter, Neuenheimer Landstrasse 3A, 69120 Heidelberg

UPDATE: LEVEL 3 registration only!!

Level3: Plus

You dance Balboa regular on the dance floors, but have the feeling, that there is always something to learn...

Saturday: Block 1 12:30-14:30

Challenge your throw out with complex variatins based on the rebound and the stretch of the connection

Play with cross over rhythm 

Open for: Level 3 only

Saturday: Block 2 15:00-17:00

Crazy lollies

Triple in action

Open for: Level 3 only

Sunday: Block 3 12:30-14:30

Embellish your dance with more elaborate and fanciful movements. Perfect your guidance and aesthetics.
Open for: Level 3 only

Workshop-costs: 6hrs classes = 96€ (3blocks) / 4hrs classes = 64€ (2 blocks) / 2hrs classes = 32€ (1 block)

Balboa-Swing TeaDance7€

Solen Le Bihan (Paris)

Coming from tango, Solen is passionate about swing dance, which she has been practicing and teaching since 2010. Her expertise: the Balboa. What does she prefer between everything? She hesitates, the pleasure of teaching and transmitting her passion or sharing and the complicity offered by the couple dances ... Probably both! Her personal touch? Perfect the technique to give elegance to her dance.

Laurent Wallet (Paris)

Laurent has always been a great sports enthusiast, skiing, paddleboarding, kitesurfing, paragliding, and various martial arts have marked his life. But for years dance has been at the center of all his passions! Laurent has been dancing and teaching since 2005. Cuban Salsa, Rock, Be-Bop from St Germain des Prés, Lindy Hop ... have no secrets for him, which gives his dance an incomparable richness. His favorite? Without hesitation it is the balboa! Sharing, guiding, advancing his students are his greatest pleasures.

The event takes places in the "Restaurant Zum Achter". Adress here.

Just one hour after the Sunday Block 3, we will have our monthly Heidel-Bal TeaDance, with lots of Balboa music, to give you space for practicing your new skills.
Guest dancers, who didn't particpate the workshop are very welcome to join as well. More Information and Motto here

   For all: Sunday 08. October 2023
15:00 - 18:00 Balboa Teadance

 Motto: autumn colors

Guests are very welcome

You still have open questions? Just send me an email - the registration will open on August 28th

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