Heidel-Bal Workshop: 17. & 18. June 2023

2 x 2hrs Saturday 1x 2hrs Sunday 1x 3hrs TeaDance Sunday

Location: Zum Achter, Neuenheimer Landstrasse 3A, 69120 Heidelberg

The registration will open April 24th

Level1: Starter: 

You have already learned the Balbao basic steps (uphold and downhold) and you can do a few moves or you have participated in a Heidel-Bal.

Level2: Starter+: 

You've danced Balbao before and you already have some more skills than level 1? Then come anyway and work on your technique in a small group

Level3: Plus

You dance Balboa regular on the dance floors, but have the feeling, that there is always something to learn...

Saturday: Block 1 11:30-13:30

This weekend we want to work on some pure bal and focus on swivels with you. Throughout all classes we’re going to concentrate on connection and flow. 

Open for: Level 1 & Level 2 Level 3

Saturday: Block 2 14:00-16:00

In this class you'll learn or refresh your swivels-essentials. We will focus on technique, styling and keeping the rhythm. Our goal is to dance swivels comfortably.

Open for: Level 1 (if you participated in Block 1) Level 2 Level 3

Sunday: Block 3 12:30-14:30

How to make your swivels even more fun and feel effortless. You will learn how to make smooth transitions to other moves from your bal-swing vocabulary and add fancy turns. 

Open for: Level 1 (if you participated in Block 1&2) & Level 2 & Level 3

Workshop-costs: 6hrs classes = 96€ (3blocks) / 4hrs classes = 64€ (2 blocks) / 2hrs classes = 32€ (1 block)

Balboa-Swing TeaDance7€

Jasmin Stehr: Hamburg

Jasmin ended up in a Lindy Hop class rather by chance. When she dared to go to her first social dance a short time later she was quickly hooked. Gripped by a passion for swing, she soon got to know and love Balboa as well.

What she particularly appreciates about swing dancing is the connection and the joy of the music. She would describe her dance philosophy as "active listening", which applies to the music as much as to the interaction between the dancers.

Christoph Schlueter: Hamburg

Christoph took his first triple steps in England in 2014 and soon got a taste for fast 1930s Big Band Swing and Balboa. Since moving to northern Germany in 2017, he rarely misses a swing party in Hamburg and can be found regularly at Balboa events in Germany and abroad. His focus is on a soft embracing connection as basis for a good communication between dancers. Creativity comes from experiencing the music together and interacting in the flow of the movement.

When teaching, Christoph emphasizes clean technique, musicality and attention to each other.

The event takes places in the "Restaurant Zum Achter". Adress here.

Just one hour after the Sunday Block 3, we will have our monthly Heidel-Bal TeaDance, with lots of Balboa music, to give you space for practicing your new skills.
Guest dancers, who didn't particpate the workshop are very welcome to join as well. More Information and Motto here

   For all: Sunday 18. June2023
15:00 - 18:00 Balboa Teadance

 Motto: Hawaii

Guests are very welcome

You still have open questions? Just send me an email - the registration is CLOSED

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